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AR the Naniwa Palace

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Geliştirici: Osaka City Museum Organization

"AR the Naniwa Palace" is Osaka Museum of History formula application which can feel an ancient royal palace "the Naniwa Palace" using AR (Augmented Reality).
In Osaka Museum of History and the Naniwa Palace Site Park, experience as if he visited to "the Naniwa Palace " of those days completely can be carried out. It corresponds to Japanese, English, traditional Chinese character, simplified Chinese character, and Korean.
Please feel the capital "the Naniwa Palace" of antiquity fully together with a showpiece inside a hall.

■"AR the Naniwa Palace" mode
― By recognizing the marker currently installed in the museum by this application, I appear as if the building of the Naniwa Palace was built at hand. There is also a building which can do experience included in an inside.
― If the Naniwa Palace Site Park is looked down on using this application from 10F of a museum, the Naniwa Palace in the past will appear on a park. It can be made to be able to expand and rotate and some buildings can see details.

■"Warehouse group of Hoenzaka"mode
― You can park at the south side of the museum, to experience the sight of the 5th century warehouse lined with 16 buildings. In addition, you can also enter in a warehouse that was CG restoration.

■"The Naniwa Palace 360" mode
― 360 degrees of front and rear, right and left and the spectacle of "The Former Naniwa Palace", "The Latter Naniwa Palace" can be felt at the specific point of the Naniwa Palace Site Park.
― At the park, you can enjoy the "South Gate of the Dairi", "Octogonal building (Hakkakuden)", "Daigokuden" was restored in AR.

■"Great man Camera" mode
― The great man relevant to the Naniwa Palace appears at the specific point of a park. Commemoration photography can also be carried out together.

■"About the Naniwa Palace" mode
― About the Naniwa Palace, it can know with a picture, a text, and chronology.

Please install this application and enjoy an ancient royal palace "the Naniwa Palace" in Osaka Museum of History and the Naniwa Palace Site Park.
Osaka Museum of History and the Naniwa Palace Site Park are near the Osaka City Subway Tanimachi line and Chuo Line "Tanimachi 4-chome" Station.

※The display position of graphics may shift depending on the recognition accuracy of a marker, and the accuracy of GPS.

2011,2012 Agency for Cultural Affairs The sightseeing promotion and regional vitalization enterprise which harnessed the cultural heritage
2013 Agency for Cultural Affairs Museum, history museum creation activities that support project in cooperation with the regional

Work: Naniwa Promotion Committee
Application development: SANWELL Co.,LTD